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Smokey chili

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Thought I'd share some photos of a batch of stuff I smoked up to make some chili for a competition at work. I put ground bison and alligator meat in separate containers with a touch of chipotle seasoning. I also had peppers and beans smoking up as well. It was smoked with apple chunks, and took the better of 8 hours because my smoker holds right about 200-225 no matter what I do. The peppers got run through a blender, the rest was all tossed together with some bloody mary/tomato sauce that had very few dry spices. Finished product was amazing, great heat from the peppers without the taste of powders, and the smoke flavor is a big hit. Didn't win any prizes, but a lot of folks liked it, and some have started smoking because they enjoyed the added flavor/aroma.

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Cool, Glad you shared. Next time you should get a :first:

Happy smoken.


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Wow, awesome. This forum is great. So many good ideas to use the smoker. 

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