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St. Petersburg Fl Newbie Here - Hello All!

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My name is Scott and a Newbie to smoking meats.  I'm hooked and just built my own smoker from a fridge.  Here is a couple of photos from what I have smoked thus far.


I look forward to hearing how you all cold smoke fish etc..  I'm thinking a smoke generator and dry ice.


Best to you all,



*  Keeping my smoked meat warm on the grill.

 My first Cranberry - Bacon Butter - Smoked Chicken.  (Practice as its cheaper than a turkey)

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Welcome to your new addiction.... and a howdy from the south end of the Skyway... as far as fish goes... I haven't done any yet... If I were to do some I will make/use a dedicated smoker to fish... I'm hearing/reading that after doing fish in the smoker anything else you put in it will have a little fishy taste... dunno If this is true or not... I'm thinking it will.. especially If you were to do mullet (eeewwwww)....

But anyways... welcome to the forums... you won't believe the amount of knowledge on here and everybody that's willing to share it....

BTW.. you just missed a great gathering a bunch of us went to... here's a link to the picture thread if you haven't already seen it...
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I just went to the link and checked it out!


Thanks for sharing!   That looked like a great time!

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no problem... keep your eyes open for next years(probably won't post until AFTER the N. FL)... there will also be one in North Fl. coming up in April... the wife and I attend that one as well....
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All is good!  Thanks and I'll definitely make one of those.

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Welcome, from Gainesville, to the Forum Scott!! So we'll see you in a year at the next South Florida Gathering right :)


Alot of great people on this forum and you'll learn alot!

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Thanks for the welcome Doug!  I most certainly will do all I can to make it at the next gathering!

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