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When to Plant Dill Seed

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Knowing that dill is a cool weather plant, and we don't get much of that in Texas, I was wondering when I should plant dill seed. They will be in pots. I planted some last year but it was too late in the winter and the plants bolted pretty quickly. I'd like to get some in the pots in order to harvest some good dill and freeze some, put some in butter.

Does anyone know what temp ranges dill seed germinates best at?

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RH, evening.....  Seems I can't copy and paste to the forum any longer so............ I gugld dill etc..... germinates at 60-70 degrees.... hates being transplanted... will grow indoors...  I'd suggest seed every 2 weeks in a separate container for each seeding...   the stuff is a weed.....   it should do fine....   Dave


PS.... seed needs light to germinate also...

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Thanks, Dave.
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