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Hey geerock any chance you could post some more info and a picture or two of your vent modification. I am having some wind issues and I think this would help me out.

If you go to my profile I think you can see the photos. Whatever more info you need let me know.
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Thanks geerock i found the pix.

a quick question, when you removed the factory vent did the 3" elbow fit right in or did you have to modify the hole size?

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if youre smoker is in the garage then you will most likely need a fan or a chute.


i struggled for months trying to get mine to stay lit. i tried everything. nuking, pulled chip loader all the way out, pulled chip try all the way out. nothing seemed to work. it really was more trouble than putting chips in every 30 mins. then i was investigating different methods of getting more air into it when i realized that dummy me put the smoker in a corner on the back patio right next to the house! i have since moved the smoker out into more of an open space. i also placed it on a small table that stands about 2 ft high. this really made everything work out. the pellet smoker works like a charm now and since my smoker is elevated i don't have to bend down to get stuff out.


my procedure is this: fill up AMNPS with pellets and place on ground. fire up torch and place on ground with flame pointing at the hole in the AMNPS. i let this burn for a good 5 minutes. then kill the torch and let the pellets flame burn for another 5-10 minutes while im prepping stuff and the smoker is heating up. then i blow out the flame and let the pellets smoke for another 10-15 minutes until i get everything ready. then i place it inside the smoker and let it burn until im ready to put the meat in. the key is to make sure that you let the torch burn for at least a few minutes. and then let the flames get the adjoining pellets good and hot. you know its ready when you blow on it and it flames up and you cant blow the flame out.

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Originally Posted by SmokeItIfUGotIt View Post

Not sure if anyone's mentioned this, but every so often, I need to resort to the setup below, in order to keep some air flowing. Depends on our weather as to having enough of a breeze in the insulated box of the MES30.

Good luck and smoke on...grilling_smilie.gif
I use the same method on my MES 40., I place a box fan 5-6 feet away and turn it on low with the loader tube removed. Works for me.
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Put them in a pan on the stove top and stir them until dry!! › Groups › Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) Owners › Discussions › I can't keep my pellets lit