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How do you make your Breakfest patties?

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I love breakfast sausage patties, and I can't figure out a better way to make them more consistent in size and shape. Mainly so I can make them and freeze them. The SLIDER press is really a pain in my bum. It's labor intensive and very slow, and moreover than not the patties stick unless I use some spray pam to stop it.  I can make a log roll and freeze or partially freeze it and cut it up, but that too has seemed to fail.  Plastic in the sausage, deformed sausage, knife / saw blade getting filled with meat, becoming ineffective in cutting,



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I am not sure I understand your Question. Are you trying to make single serve fatties?

I lokk mine out on partcment paper. Then add filling and roll it up then roll the bacon weave around it. Then cook.

Happy smoken.


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I'm not entirely sure I understand either, but I THINK you just mean you want consistent size and shape patties of breakfast sausage.

You could take your sausage and roll it out in a ziplock bag as if you were going to make a fatty. Then put it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes until it's not frozen hard, but about half frozen. Then take a round biscuit cutter and cut your patties, re-rolling the scraps like you would with biscuits. Then freeze the patties on a parchment lined sheet tray overnight. Then just bag 'em up and store in the freezer until needed.

Or, to cut the time down, you could just cut the partially frozen, rolled out sausage into 8 squares, giving you 8-2oz. square patties, provided you started off with a pound.

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Weigh our 3 - 4 oz balls.  Don't be fussy just quick.


WalMart has a plastic hamburger patty press for $3


Use wax paper - put the meat on it and cover with another sheet.  Put the little hand press on it and mash ... all done and perfect - every time.


Wrap in plastic film, freeze with the wax paper on.  Take the out and pop apart on demand.

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Here is a post by Disco where he cut holes in a cutting board and uses the holes as a form.

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I was hoping to make 2oz patties,, 4oz patties seems really big for breakfast sausage patties.  As a matter of fact.. We did roll a batch out flat and cookie cut them into patties, I like the pre-freezing part, as we did not do that step.  I like the Idea of Rolling the meat our in flat sheets 3/8" thick, pre-freeze and pop it out, and cut it with a pizza cutter, and just accept the square patties..Then stack and freeze. I'll probably try that next time  unless has a better Idea..


Keep them Idea's coming

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