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turkey temperatures

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I have a question, I am looking to smoke a 10-12 lb turkey, I am going to use the brine pops recommends, my smoker is almost finished, its size is 3x3x6 (non insulated) made of all pine, i'll be using the 35000 btu burner from northern tools, also will be using a smokai smoke generator, my question, what temp can my smokehouse take, I read people say 325-350 and I'm not sure if thats safe. any help would be appreciated, ex.temp, time it will take, and how long to smoke, the smoke generator I have puts out an extreme amount of smoke and I don't want a bitter taste. Also it is in the 30's here so pretty cold.


Thank you



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Bump. I'm curious to see what the experts say about wooden smokehouses and higher temps as well.

Good luck and make sure to let us know what happens. And BE SAFE!!! I don't want to read about a new smokehouse burning down on Thanksgiving!!

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