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Beef Snack Stick Advice

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I want to make some beef snack sticks as a test run before using up the venison in my freezer. I had the following questions...

1.  What is the best cut of beef to use?

2.  Do I mix pork shoulder in with the beef?  If so what's is the ratio?  

3.  Based on questions 1 & 2 is there a cut of beef where I wouldn't need to add pork for the fat content?


I just need someone to tell me what my different options are for doing this.  Any help is GREATLY appreciated since I expect to make multiple batches with the venison.


I'll be smoking the sticks in case that matters.....any advice on wood to use?


Thanks everyone

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I've recently made 50lbs worth of beef sticks from regular old 80/20 burger. Smoked with straight oak, seasoned with Cabela's hot stick seasoning and included collagen casings. Turned out good and was well received by everyone so far. My opinion was that they have virtually no heat for being called hot sticks.
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