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venison fresh not cured sausage links.

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OK so here is the question my sausage maker said it was safe to smoke this if I wanted to but after reading things here I am having second thoughts as I don't want to be married to the toilet for a few days. LOL.. I had 100lbs of mild sausage made and because it is a mild italian there is no cure in it. I keep it frozen but when I picked it up they kept a package out for me and we cooked it on the griddle while I was there and my first thought man this would be good if I smoked some of it so I wanted to do a small test batch. I thought about smoking it about 175 and probing 2 of the links and waiting for 160 to get there but not sure if that is the safe bet. I have had this made before but we just grilled it and its good. Smoke should make it better. Any help would be appreciated. probably looking at 3 to 5 lbs batch at most to make sure it turns out safe. Wouldn't want to ruin a whole bunch. Ill be using my masterbuilt stack smoker with flat racks to lay the links on. Also what kind of time frame should I expect. Im a bbq guy so this sausage is a little new to me. Thanks. 


Also as an added note the sausage is made with a 20% fat content 

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Get a good smoke going on the BBQ and grill them .. yum, yum.


Low temp smoke won't help the fresh Italian sausage at all IMHO.


There is no cure because it is a fresh sausage - not a smoked sausage.

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Yeah just want that smoked taste to them thats all.

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You can hot smoke them, which means that you have to get them through the danger zone, which is 40 -140 degrees in less than 4 hour. If you can do this in less than 4 hours you will be ok…..Or you can cold smoke them under 40 degrees, keeping the smoker that cold is hard , but I have heard of some people doing it......Very few......... The last thing I can think of doing is, you can smoke them for an hour or two, as cold as you can get it,  then take them to a hot grill to finish them off…….Hope this helps ShoneyBoy Oh......worthless.gif............th_HaHAAHaa.gif

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Hot smoke em at 180 degrees// They will get to 160 in 4 hrs and will be safe. like shoney boy said.. 40 to 140 in 4hr rule. is the sausage stuffed in casings or is it bulk?

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Its linked sausage in casing, gonna hang it on the rack tomorrow at 180 and see what happens. Ill let you know how it turns out. 

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Take them to 160 Internal temp... Will be waiting for some pics.....

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Exactly what Shoneyboy & Boykjo said !!  They got you covered.




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