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Purchased  a MES 40 from SAMS,

Set it up.


Seasoned it,  took 52 minutes to get it to 275 degrees.  meat probe was reading 300?


Put in 1/2 cup of chips and they caught on fire, I think they were too small of a cut,  they were chips for a little chief smoker and very thin cut more like a shred.


After the flames went out I tried  Cowboy wood chips, they did not catch on fire.  I extended the time and tried some more of the cowboy chips and they worked again with no fire.


The chips did not give smoke for a long time,


How long should 1/2 cup of chips give smoke?


How often do I need to add another 1/2 cup of chips?    

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I have a 30 and I put chips in every hour or so. Mine caught on fire the very first time too but has never caught on fire again.
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