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avoiding plagiarism!!

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Been a while folks. How has everyone been? I was looking for some help with my team name. I was going to go with smokin jokers BBQ and had a logo figured out and everything, until i did a Google search and found a KCBS team out of st Louis already has it. Since I'm all the way down in southeast Texas, would that be a problem? Especially if i open a small restaurant in the future
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Since you know there "may" be a conflict....  why not change the name a bit....  Smoke-N-Jokers.... or something similar..

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jokin' smokers ?

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Just add..... Of S.E Texas and be done with it

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I am lookin at the teams on the KCBS site and do not see a Smokin Jokers listed. Maybe the team you googled is not an active member any more. I would imagine that when you sign up they won't let you choose a name already used by another current team. I'd call KCBS and ask them.

But these guys are right^^. Just add "of SE TX". An example is Big Daddy's BBQ and Big Daddy's Bama BBQ. Both are active KCBS teams.
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Thanks everybody. FWI that's actually a good idea. How about Smokin Jokers S.E.Q, for southeast bbq
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Google BBQ team name database or listing. You'll find some websites that is supposed to cover all BBQ comp names. There are several websites and I doubt they are all synced together.
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