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Friday Night Wings

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So the wifey was out for the night with her friends and I was left to fend for myself. What was I to do? What else make one of my favorites. Wings and fries. I got home early from work and brined the wings in some salt, brown sugar, pepper corns and red pepper flakes. They sat in that bath for four hours before I took them out and dusted them with some cajun seasoning. While the wings were getting happy I fired up the akorn and let that come to temp. I got the akorn up to 350 and left the wings on there for about 25 minutes then cranked it up to 500 to finish them off. Brought the wings in for a nice bath in some Tabasco wing sauce and then it was off to the plate to join the fries. Washed them both down with a few IPA's. I was a fat and happy camper.







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Looks GREAT! did you send me a few?

Happy smoken.


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That there just ain't right?


We just had wings for dinner last night.  Again for lunch today.


Now with those pics?


I want wings again.


Great job!


Good luck and good smoking.

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She missed a great meal. Looks great.
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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

She missed a great meal. Looks great.



She got to try some Saturday afternoon while I was watching the Geogia vs Auburn football game. I reheated the rest for a late afternoon snack. They were just as tastey the next day.

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  Nice color on the wings!



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Those wings look great!  I'm going to have to cook some this Friday night!

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