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Brisket Point - Burnt Ends for Potluck

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My dad was @ Sams Club on Sat and I asked him to have them cut me a brisket point. I wanted to cook some burnt ends, but didn’t really feel like the flat.

Loaded up the kettle w/ Royal Oak around the Vortex. This is the first time I have tried lump around the vortex instead of briquettes

Found out I was out of wood chunks as I loaded it up. Luckily I found a bag of hickory chips in the shed. Sprinkled them over the lump

Used a starter cube on one end

10 mins into it

Put on the injected brisket point. I used Butcher BBQ brisket injection for this one. Then just Salt & CBP for seasoning

Sorta hard to see, but got good clean smoke goin

Once it hit 170 I put in a foil pan w/ Stubbs Pork, Tiger Sauce, and some unsalted butter

Temp holding. A little more maintenance than w/ briquettes, but definitely smelled better.

Sliced real thick before cubing up. Good bark & smoke ring

I had to sample at this point

Added some Mad Hunky & Brown Sugar, and a good pour of Webers BBQ Sauce (Sweet Molasses)

Back on the kettle

Done about an hour back on

After a couple samples, I had to vaccum seal the whole batch for our Thanksgiving Potluck we’re having next week.

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I got to tell you...that looks awesome!
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If I had burnt ends that looked like that, I'm not sure there'd be any left to vacuum seal after I finished "sampling"!

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Mmm...looks absolutely delicious!  Very nice!  bravo.png



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Very nice indeed!!! What was the IT before you sliced ?

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D-E-licious! Nice smoke ring....
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Thanks gang. I sliced at 200 IT then put back on. Really wanted them rendered down
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