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B and M spices

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Picked these up the other day from B&M. All sorts of cooking bits there you don't always see

The BBQ'D has some really nice stuff including brown sugar cumin and mustard. handy for a quick top up twist
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B and M Website
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Hello Mark.  Got the website saved.  Just FYI; if I understand the :rules: correctly, we are not allowed to post a link to another website who is not a sponsor of SMF.  Hey; it is a business for Jeff so that rule is understandable.  You want advertising on a site with this many members; become a sponsor.  I'd tell 'em the same.  IF a link is the only way to answer a question or offer help then the rule will ( as I understand it ) not be applied to that post.  Now if I am correct, and I was a moderator I'd have to delete that link.  So if you see a link deleted, that's why.  BUT I'm not a moderator, I did pass on the info as I feel a Group Leader should, AND I have the website saved in favuorites before a moderator saw it and deleted it.  :banana_smiley: Thanks for sharing Mark.  Keep Smokin!


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Okay thanks. Will bear that. in mind
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