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Pigs eating wild onions

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I don't know if this is the right forum but if not maybe someone here can point me in the right direction.  I have two Yorkshire feeders nearing processing weight. The have been running in a wooded 2 acre paddock (mostly oak and history) for several months and fed culls from local produce stands and a hog finisher mixed at a local mill.   Today I rotated them back to a paddock where they where when they were smaller for eventual loading/transport/slaughter.  They immediately started eating a crop of wild onions that covered the place in their absence.  I'm wondering if these strong flavored herbs will effect the flavor of the meat.  I know other things like acorns can make the meat bitter for instance, or at least that's what I've heard.


Any advice or insight?





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Dallas i would thing they would need to be on that diet for a prolonged amount of time for it to change the meat flavor.
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