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dumb me, asked hubby and it does both, so testing in the oven first, then to our next smoke thing, have not decided what to do, not a turkey, don't really care for them, unless I can find just the drumsticks.    But I thought whole chickens, have seena couple of ways to do them.


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Either way?


Get away from the therms that come with your smoker.


My unit with the therm in the lid will read 75 degrees lower than the actual temp at the meat level on the grate.


Then newbies ask why they can't get their temps up?


If they get their temps up?  They wonder how their meat dried out.


Ya just gotta know the true temp at meat level on the grate.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Has anyone used Thermoworks insta pen instant reading thermometers? I have heard that they are very acurate.
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I recently purchased one and so far am pleased with it.  At slighly less than $100 it is expensive.  The reading is quick at 3 to 5 seconds.  I did the boiling water and freezing water test and so far, it was quite accurate.  I did join their site and they, on occasion, send out emails offering the pen at a discounted price of $74, if memory serves.  You still need other thermometers (probe in meat, probe in smoker box) to help you determine how your smoking process is coming without opening the box.  The Theroworks Insta Pen is only an instant read thermometer.  

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Yes we use them all the time in the kitchens and serveries here and I have a couple I use at home too. They work very well. 

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I use mine to check against the built in probe. Briefly opening the door is no big deal and the oven quickly recovers temperature. One experience carving an underdone prime rib roast is enough. An over cooked roast would be criminal.
With shipping and exchange on the dollar, my pen cost $ 123.00
The thing was shipped from Ontario so that is a money grab.
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i am having a hard time trusting these maverick thermometers...i have now had 2 that had been bought from seems like they are not right...they measure temps as much as 100* hotter then the door therm...and i know they say the bi-metal are incorrect, but i have one the i hang in the locker, and it is within degrees of what the door says...also, i probed a pork sirloin with the maverick, and then a cheap one from walmart, and they were 10* different...i was wondering if it has something to do with the probes having braided steel covers, and when they contact the grills or the smoker, it throws off the temps...i dunno


what is the best way to test the accuracy...and how the heck do we calibrate these mavericks??



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Test your probes for accuracy by putting them in boiling water & ice water. My Mavericks are spot on every time I check them - always have been. The factory therm in my smoker is way off...

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so...i hate to sound a fool...but is boiling water only 1 temp? and the same with ice water, is it only a single temp? there are no varies in the temps? boiling water i guess is simple enough...boil water, and drop in the probe...okay. so on the other side, i put a bunch of ice in a pot, and then water, take temp then??


and what do you think about the metal wrapped probes touching the smoker or grills?? i have been running the probes through the top vent of my masterbuilt, and through the grills to the same level of my meat...

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Boiling temperature water boils will depend on your altitude above sea level. The higher you are the lower the air pressure on top of the water and therefore the lower its boiling point.


You will be able to find a lot of information online that will help where you live but here is something to get you started

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Remember that only a small section of the probe tip reads the temps. Temps are not radiated from the cable to the sensor.
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geerock...that's kinda what i thought, about the tip of the probe, but by saying that the cable does not radiate heat does that mean you believe that the cable lying against the grills or the edge of the smoker, as long as not pinched tight, will not effect the reading? cause to be honest, i was hoping it was way off because of that...and wade, i will use that link to the list, and check the temp you have a procedure to check the cold side? just ice in water? does ice in water automatically make it 32*?


thanks, help is i said, it is why this has become my favorite forum...

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