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spatchcock and slow smoke

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So, If I brine, spatchcock, and slow smoke a 20lb turkey will I get the same result as smoking a 12 lb bird whole? Any recommendations? Thanks

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Yup. The reason they say to Spatchcock is that it cooks faster and with a 20lb bird it will get thru the danger area temp wise in the correct amount of time.

Id recommend using the Slaughter House Brine
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Another thing I would say is if you or your guests want to eat any of the skin then you will need to either smoke at higher temps or pull it out of the smoker a little before it's done and finish it in a 350 degree or so oven or grill to crisp up the skin.


Smoking at 225 does give the meat more of a chance to absorb smoke but the skin is rubbery I smoke mine at 325-350 not quite as much smoke flavor but crispy skin.


Something else we have done for a few years is smoke the bird for several hours or to an internal temp of 150-155 then ease it down into some 350 degree peanut oil and fry it to it's finished temp and have a smoked-fried bird kind of the best of both worlds.


My wife has to work some Thanksgivings and I would fix turkey for her and her coworkers and every year the crowd seemed to grow so I need to do 4-10 birds to feed them all I'd smoke some fry some and smo-fry some and the smo-fried were always the first ones gone

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Would you smoke the 20lb bird whole then transfer to the oven? How long would you smoke it before you put it in the oven? I don't think my fried soilless fit a 20 lb bird. Thanks!
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Meant to say don't think my fryer would fit a 20 lb bird
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Personally if I had a bird that big I would either spatchcock it and smoke it at 325-350 or spatchcock and into a 225 degree smoker till it got to an internal of about 150 then right into a 350 degree oven until it hit's 170 internal.

I have heard of people not spatchcocking it and smoking at 325-350 with no problems but I have not personally done it

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I'd spatch a bird that big. I would also run the smoker in the 325* range if you can. What kind of smoker are you using?
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Yes, let us know if you have a barrel type smoker that can handle  a couple of 20lb. birdsThat would be about 40"long ,so to have some room in between the Birds.


Let us know how you did it , include all the details.


have fun with the project and besure to send Q-view ...:rules:.



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Thanks everyone!


I have a small brinkman smoker with water tray. It's the one that has the thermometer that reads low, ideal, hot. I've gotten used to using it, but eventually plan on getting a new/better smoker. Anyways, I planned to spatchcock and probably have to cut it in half and put one half on the top tray and one on the bottom. Smoke for a couple of hours then was thinking to throw each half in the frier until internal temp of 170ish. What do you guys think about that?




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