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Turkey-smoke then fry help

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Hay there everybody I have researched on smoking turkey and understand the internal needs to be 165.

Here is my question. What if I want to smoke then fry? Do I smoke the turkey till the internal is 165 or should I just smoke heavy for 2-3 hours then pull it to fry? I'm a bit lost on this one and any thought would be appreciated. I'm not sure if this is even a common practice.

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Whether Fried or Smoked the ending IT needs to be 165-175°F. So I would suggest about 4 hours of smoke at 225°F, to get flavor, then in the fryer to the desired finished IT. These combined techniques will be safe and get the desired result...Be safe with that Fryer!...JJ

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I have done a few smo fry turkeys . I smoke 2-3 hrs and then straight to the fryer. The amount of smoke time all depends on outside temps. Want to maintain the 40 -140 safety zone.

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I smoke to about 150 to 155 then into 350 degree hot oil to finish at 170. When I pull it out of the oil if it's not 170 then it goes back in till it does

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