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torch question

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Bought a torch to light my wood for the lang. Just did a bottle change anf now its not like a pressurized torch. It has the flame like indiana jones with a piece of wood. Any ideas. Went and had the old bottle filled with same results.
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Post a pic of your torch. I am thinking the air flow is stopped up. If it is a weed burner maybe a dirt dobbers nest?th_dunno-1[1].gif

Happy smoken.


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Check to make sure the air holes on the end are open. It could be trash between the valve and the end. But I am going to bet on air. However while I am saying that I'm thinking the air holes on the end of that torch are pretty big.

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Disconnect gas line turne burner off reconect gas line turn gas on let sit couple of seconds then turn burner on a lot of regulators have safety switches built in to them
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I offer this. Keep it simple. You have enough fire power to melt ford 150 truck.

This is all I use to start my fire.

I cook every weekend. I roll that thing about 5 min. to light a bed of lump

charcoal than add wood. Lasts about 4 months or so. I am cheap.

What about the rest of you stick burners ? Got a good way to light up ?

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I just dump a lit chimney of lump in my firebox and lay a few sticks on top of that.


In a few minutes things are flaming and I already have a coal bed established

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Turn the valve off on the tank.. bleed the line... when turning the tank valve back on, turn it very slowly to only a quarter of a turn (SLOWLY)... when the line is fully pressurized you can turn the valve open all the way.... like PA Smoking said.. the tanks have a safety valve on them... when the valve is turned on very fast and wide open the safety valve will kick in and only let gas flow very slow... the purpose of the safety valve is for when a line breaks or something of that nature....
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