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after curing fish for couple of days is it safe to give the fish a good washing after to remove as much salt as possible or is that defeating the purpose of the cure??   id rather not have the smoke and fish flavor over powered by the salt. i do equal measures of salt and sugar but the salt flavor tends to win the race??!!??



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I would rinse after brining you should have them cured by then  If you do some more checking I THINK some even soak them in fresh water to get more of the salt taste out Good luck and what kind of fish are you smoking.??

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Well i cure whatever a get my hands on..our local catch would be trout and salmon, but I do favour Makeral and haddock.
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Ben, afternoon......  Next go round on fish, weigh the salt so you are adding 2% of the weight of the fish.... add the same weight in sugar and 1 gram of cure #1/lab of fish.....  let it cure in the fridge... rinse and dry...  form the pellicle and smoke....  2% salt is a good starting point for most meats and you don't have to worry about too much....



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Thanks so much for that, big help.i do love fish over most and now I will be a lot happier knowing I'm doing it right.
Thanks again
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