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1st smoker build

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eI have an old propane tank that I am going to build a side box smoker with. The tank is 15 in. in diameter and 38 in long. It is about the right size for me as I am just cooking for my family mostly. I have been on the pit caculator and have all the specs for the build. The two questions I have right now are this, is the diameter of the tank big enough for a reverse flow cooker(the one I would prefer to build) or would I have to build a conventional side fire box with tuning plates?? The other ? is how do I get the shape figured out for the FB CC opening? I am a few months away from starting this build as I have a few other projects to get done first. I am trying to get all my ducks in a row and all my material on hand before I start. I am also scavenging alot of the material so it takes a little doing on that end. Thanks for the advice you can give me.
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Sounds a bit small for an RF smoker. BUT , i am not a builder so just MHO.

As for the opening ,if it is dome ended tank, the opening shape should be the same no matter what size tank.

 I believe the calculator shows the cut out.

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That was what I was thinking also. No big deal going with the tuning plates,just take a little longer to fine tune I guess. thanks for your input.
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