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Candy Corn Fattie Throwdown

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Well all I can say is we sure had fun making this!   I got the idea when the contest was first announced and someone said "you cant smoke candy corn!!!"


So I started out with orange and yellow peppers with a potato chunk for the three candy corn colors

had to tie them up in the layers of the candy corn




all tied up and ready to wrap with my chub,  I had it soaking in cold water to try to keep the colors vibrant



orange dough



yellow dough



both interweaved




final pics






we liked this pic but the guts on the middle slice were not candy corn looking enough




I had some dough pieces that were supposed to like like snacks, but the girls said they sure don't look like snakes!!!!  so they were given the line item veto 



this was the shot we decided on using





this was a fun one and looking forward to the next one,     christmas decorations?

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Nice smoke. Glad you shared a Qview.

Happy smoken.


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Originally Posted by themule69 View Post

Nice smoke. Glad you shared a Qview.
Happy smoken.
Thanks Dave
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What's the next one gonna be
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man guy you are all master chef material... It is so great to see all of this pictures... I thought I hade great ideas but hell I'm in 1st junior clas

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Thanks swede. We had a good time with it!
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