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Smoked/grilled Venison anyone!

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Sounds good to me. Just took this one with a bow about 2 weeks ago. 20 yard double lung shot.


Already had some deer chili from it.

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 Mmmm  Looks like a few meals about to happen!



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Looks delicious! I love huge venison chops myself!! Cheers! - Leah



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This was taken this last weekend in the Joplin area where me and a buddy were hunting. Grunted and rattled him into 30 yards.


189lbs field dressed. 1 shot with a .243.

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Wow! Looks delicious!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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It is. The doe taken with a bow has already turned into delicious stew meat, roasts, back-straps, and jerky. That buck is at the butcher getting made into hamburger, summer sausage, and jalapeno snack sticks as we speak.

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Nice to hear about a Missouri hunter getting a deer this season. Congrats!

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Thanks. Between myself and my group of friends there were 10 deer taken this rifle season.

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