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Thank you Redneck69 for explaining the "Throwdown announcement" process etc.. Good to know!


I think there should be a New Year's Day one therefore on January 1, as to start the "new and improved AMAZING new year of 2014" out! But here's to the "powers that be" throwing out another one soon!


In any event, your creation was very impressive! Cheers to all! Happy new week!!! - Leah

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I knew when I saw those entries I was not only not in the same ballpark, but wasn't playin the same game! The creative and ingenious presentation was simply amazing. Well done folks!
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Great job by everyone that entered. Winning a throw down is a great feeling. Mike and Red, you have taken throw downs to a whole new level. Well done.
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great ideas

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NIce looking!  I still think that the ingenuity and dedication shows how truly talented members here are!!!  Good job all around.:Looks-Great:

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Very creative and looks delicious!!

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How fun, hope a few brews were involved with creation, congrats!

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I like it!!! biggrin.gif

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