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butt only at 124-130

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im cooking a 9 1/2 lb boston butt and after 4 hours only at 124-130.  yesterday i cooked one and at this point it was at 142F.  a lot windier today.


do i need to worry??

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what temp are you cooking at?

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I would not worry, especially if you notice its much windier today than yesterday. Just let the baby go. Try not to peek! :)

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cooking at 200-255.  big range due to gusty winds

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wind and cold will suck the heat out of your smoker, even with the door closed, try and build a wind break around each chunk of meat has a mind of its own, some will have a major stall others will glide right thru it while patient, it will be fine

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Unless you injected it, inserted the probe too soon, or otherwise modified the structure of the "intact muscle", you should be fine.


Good luck and good smoking.

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i inserted probe after 4 hours. IT was 126.

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Finish it.


Pass me a plate!


Good luck and good smoking.

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12 1/2 hours in and at 196, almost time to pull the meat


foiled at 160

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You got good info from Merv, enjoy the Pork...JJ

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thanks all


meat at 198 about to pull it off.  waiting on those last few degrees seems to take an eternity !!


come on out to our event. there will be 20 lbs of pulled pork goodness in scotland ontario

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