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Sheep casing questions---HELP needed

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I have used pre flushed/tubed sheep casings from a local supplier dozens of time and they always worked out great. Here's the problem, he is no longer using them so my source is gone although there are a lot of places around that sell LEM and other brands that are pre-packed in salt. How do you fellow sheep casing users prepare them for use and is there anything special to do with them prior to use? Thanks in advance!! :confused: 

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soak em in warm water with a shot of vinegar. i've found the longer they soak, easier they are to work with. 


personally i'd shy away from lem casings. used them before with not so good comments while doing so. i get mine from butcher packer. 

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I always use natural casing.  


Select the length of casing you need. Put a bit of water in a bowl.  Put the casing in, then find an end of the casing, open it, dip the end in some water so the end flares out and some water enters.  Hold the end open and let the faucet fill enough of the casing to look like a sausage. Holding the casing in one hand, use the other one to push the water from one end of the casing, out the other.  Do this 2-3 times to flush all the salt out and get some moisture throughout the casing. Dump and replace the salted water out of the bowl.


Then put the clean flushed casing in water to submerge it. Add vinegar if you like.  A lot of people do, I don't. 


Let it sit in the fridge overnight if you can.  


Found a decent video for you

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