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Thank you!!! (Knuckle47) And here's to winter indeed! I'm sure you've both had your surfeit of it in the North and still get plenty at your location today!


But yes, please do share the pistachio experience!!! That sounds intriguing! Cheers!!!! - Leah

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Happy Friday to all! And thanks to Knuckle47's great "power of suggestion" and idea; I DID indeed try using pistachio shells as smoking chips today, with a quickie slab of wild salmon, and it was WON-DER-FUL!


Thanks for the idea therefore - I learn so much here and adore that! I'm going to continue doing this with these shells now, as the flavor was terrific, the aroma indeed quite beautiful, and we go through so many shells a day anyway that we may as well put them to fabulous use!


Thank you again for sharing your very terrific idea! I never ever would have thought of that on my own, and I thus hand over the credit where it is due!!!


Fantastic stuff! Cheers and make today delicious!!!!!!!!! - Leah




I put some shells right into my little gas smoker - a tiny scattering of hickory chips were still in the bag I used, but otherwise it's about 98% shells...






And I mopped the fish through grapeseed oil and smoked it on high heat for 15 minutes (which was too long for this wild salmon and so next time I'll only do 10)...






And while the photos aren't great today, it was a simple healthful and delicious meal - served with black rice and chives, olive oil and Red Hawaiian Sea Salt, and it was beautiful!!!


I know it isn't "cheese" but since the pistachios were mentioned in THIS thread, I thought I'd share this here.


The smell of the shells was fantastic! Like a faint, tropical perfume!


The taste in the salmon was a tiny bit or hint of "sweet" - very subtly albeit present nonetheless - and despite my fish being overcooked, the flavor was indeed there, and it was still soft enough to enjoy, and too, the SKIN (my favorite part of any fish) was amazing as well.


Thank you tons for this idea! This site, and its great people do make one fabulous source!!!


Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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Great news that you've already done it.
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Just did my first batch of cheese today and I used Todd's recommendation and got some Peach for my AMNS  I'll let you know in 2-3 weeks how it turns out ;)

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Wow. I always had to sample a little. For quality control purposes only,ha ha.
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