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Heart Smart Fatty?

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I have always wanted to do a fatty but given that I am trying to watch my cholesterol I was wondering if anyone had ever tried making a fatty with either vegetarian bacon, or even maybe some lean turkey bacon. Could maybe fill it with some avocado, veggies or even some salmon.

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I have used turkey bacon, but not veggie bacon. I also have used ground turkey instead of beef or pork, but you need to add a binder such as egg to the mix to get it to hold its shape. Spinach, olives, bell peppers tomatoes etc are all good fillings. Use a small amount of Parmesan or feta if you like.

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The exotic game meats (whether as the ground part or meat wrapped around) are much lower in cholesterol than much, too.


I'm creating one this December and am VERY excited!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers and happy midweek to you!!! - Leah

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I think they would have to change the name from "Fatty" to "Friendly"

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Turkey sausage with turkey bacon, veggies and a low fat cheese.
Another option would be to butterfly a boneless skinless chicken breast, put it in a freezer bag and pound it out to the size of the bag. Full it with healthy foods, wrap it up and seal it with toothpicks. I've done this with really good results.
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Venison has almost NO fat in it at all.  Maybe give that a try


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Good suggestions. Dont think I will do this over this weekend but its definitely on my list. Will post pics when I do.

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