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looking great
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Hey Disco

Except for, at most 2 months, its always cold here.  The other 10 months just require a tad more rum in th coffee while sitting out by the smoker.


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im off to bed pulled the meat at IT 188, a bit early but im tired.  great bark and smoke ring. 

 man that's tasty!  Pitmaster gets little sample then into the freezer after pulling. 


Starting weight 5 1/2 lbs , finish 3 1/2 lbs, no excess fat or other waste though

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how can i sleep when my house smells like this??!!??

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well its 9:30 just got second round of meat in cookers.  double header today.  Pork butt on off set and butt eye roast on weber with smokenator.


Beautiful sunny clear day.  little cold again , -2C or 28F for the imperialists.

9 1/2 lb butt and 5 1/2 lb butt eye roast

two small cookers can still make a lot of meat!

You dont need fancy equipment to smoke a lot of meat!  (well i admit, the blue kettle is a little fancy in my books!, beats black)


next post at 4 hr mark

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Looks great!

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How well did it pull at 188?



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the meat pulled quite well.  i was checking my Maverick and i found it measures 6F low.  so my 188 was actually around 194.


After 4 hours the butt was only at 141F and the roast at 158F.


Guess that butt is going to take a while, another late night.



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I think i will foil the roast to see difference from last nights roast. 


Any input?

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71/2 hours in pulled the roast off. I foiled it at 165 and continued to 203.  wrapped in cooler now.  thats 3 hours faster than no foil! The butt is at 167 but I think my maverick low by 6 the last time i checked in boiling water;.


think i may foil the butt in a pan . 

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That looks great to me so far - keep em coming :drool

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Here is the roast after foiling and pulling. Foiled one pulled much easier and lots more juice. Bark looks good but is wet and soft, still yummy. 

pulled butt eye roast


The butt has been on for 10 hrs and is at 176.  foiled at 167F. didnt stall at any specific temp, just took forever to get through the 60s.  seems to be speeding up now. stopped the smoke once i foiled.  the offset is a lot less work when you dont have to manage the smoke.

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wow , only 11 3/4 hours in and the butt hit 201 on my maverick.  as  i mentioned earlier i think its registering low so im going to pull off the meat!!


Fastest butt ive ever cooked.  the foil really speeds things up!


pics to come

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Good looking pork.



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You've got the Pulled Pork Marathon going there at your house. All that smoke on the wind...... the property values are going up.


Really looking good.

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well never got around to posting last night.


took the butt out at 12hours.  let it sit in the pan for 1 hour.  Holy cow there was a lot of juices.  2 cup to be exact.  after reefer there was only 1/2 " of fat on top of liquid.  will mix juices back in when reheating.  i plan to mix all the pork together so there is no difference one pan to the next.


This butt pulled the best ever.  meat extremely tender.  Again bark was nice looking but wet.  I like the speed of the cook, but if this was for my own gathering i like a nice dry bark.


nice colour and look at all the juices!

pulled to perfection


On to the next chunks of meat.


Got the meat on at 11:30 . A little late but i had to meet a client about some cabinets.  Nice to do these back to back cooks as i am learning a lot.  Again today we have different weather conditions.  Cold and clear but really windy.  Charcoal is burning hot and fast.  Lots of work managing the smoke as the chucks want to flame up.  open the damper wait 10 minutes close the damper wait 15 minutes.  Oh well thats part of the fun!


Beautiful day , smoke wafting around my yard, a toque and a hot coffee , thats what dreams are made of!!!

nice colour and look at all the juices!

pulled to perfection



Here's todays meat

another butt and roast

Those big butts barely fit on my smoker!

9+ lb butt barely fits in my smoker



updates to follow

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That's some pretty color on that pulled meat!

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not sure what is happening.  4 hours in i stuck my maverick in meat and it was at 124.  I do think my probe registers a few degrees lower , but not sure if i should be worried.  i am selling this meat to people and dont want a lawsuit


ive been smoking between 200-255.  big range due to gusty winds.




now im at 4 hours 45 min and meat is at 129.



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the roast came off at 10 hours . pulled without effort.  1 cup of jus to add back into meat when reheating.


with the flash it looks like its marinating in lava

marinated in lava

butt eye roasr


the last butt is at 198.  will post finished pics soon


thanks for all your interest!  its been a great learning event

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You have cooked some beautiful meat, your pulled pork has had that pretty red hues and I bet the bark is really tastee. Seems to me you've out did yourself. You know the those folks at the church are going to love it. I am guessing you are going to get a load of compliments as well as folks wanting "Your recipe".


Outstanding smokes. you should be proud.


Haven't your hands smelled good all week? LOL


Weather's been beautiful and the smoke has been wonderful. Great job.

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