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pork belly with or with out

Poll Results: Bacon with or without skins

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 16% of voters (1)
  • 66% of voters (4)
  • 16% of voters (1)
    skins what skins?
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I going to get a whole side next time with or with out skins.

Please vote and tell me why you prefers with or without skins.

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It's a real pain to slice off cleanly, if you're trying to leave as much fat as possible.

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But when you buy it, it have the skins on..... right?

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Depends. You may find some places that offer it without. I just bought a case of 3 at Restaurant Depot, that were skinless.

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Ive done it both ways and prefer without better. smoke gets all the way around.
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Given a choice I buy without skin, But I have been handling a Knife over 40 years so to remove the skin is no big deal and the dog likes the Smoked Skin as a treat. You can also make beans and such with the skin...JJ

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Try both and decide!


I prefer without the skin.  Having said that, the skin, when peeled off will give you many opportunities to innovate. 


I remember many a rind-on bacon when I was a kid.  Never see that any more?


Good luck and good smoking.

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