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Reheated smoked turkey

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Hi guys I got a question.  I have to work night shift for Thanksgiving and need to smoke the turkey the weekend before.  Should I smoke it all the way until 160 then freeze it?


Sould I smoke it until 140ish then freeze it and finish it in the oven on Thanksgiving?


Sould I actually freeze it or will it be ok in the fridge for 4days?


Thanks for all your help.


P.S.  Thank you to all that have served and are currently serving our country.

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Never half smoke something to temp.  Let me get JJ to come look at this.

Happy smoken.


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You can get away with par cooking quick cook items, like char marking Chicken Breast to be finish later. You can partial cook Intact muscle like a Roast Beef. But considering most Turkeys are Injected with Broth at the factory, partial cooking is not a good idea. The Bird and Bacteria will be going through the Danger Zone, heating and cooling multiple times giving some bacteria multiple chances to grow and produce Toxins. Cook/Smoke the entire bird to 165°F then reheat back to 165°F either whole in an Oven at 275-300, covered or sliced in Gravy...JJ

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Thanks guys for your help.  I'll make sure I cook/smoke it all the way.  I don't want any bacteria to grow.  How about storage until reheated in the oven?

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Cover the Bird with Foil. Let cool on the counter for 30 minutes then place in the back of the coldest place in your refer, one that is not opened 100 times a day would be best. There should be no issues lasting until Thurs' if nobody picks at it...JJ

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