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My first Bacon. All three types BBB, CB and Belly (pic heavy) - Page 3

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You did a great job with your CB and bacon it looks very professional. I just made some bacon a week ago and it is like Foamheart said "just a little less heat". We tried bacon in the oven at 350 on the broiler pan for 12-15 minutes and that turned out very good. None of the oven bacon burned.

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Man, that's some great looking bacon, BigDaveJr!  I smoked my CB on Sunday.  Wow....  Need I say more??  I smoked mine for 6 hours with hickory to IT of 156.  The taste, today (2 days later) is really good, and different than day one!  Resting in the fridge is definitely important!  Foamheart is right - I'm now addicted to the whole "bacon making" thing!




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DivotMaker, yours looks awesome also! Is not some of the best stuff you have ever tasted. Tomorrow I will be putting my buckboard bacon in the smoker. So more pics to come.

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Originally Posted by BigDaveJr View Post

I got the cure at The Sportsman Warehouse its kinda like a Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's. I cold smoked the CB for 8 hours and the turned on the heat at 240 til internal of 160. It came out really juicy and man does it taste good fried up.

Belly bacon is in the smoker now 1 was thinking of going 12 hours any suggestions?
Hi BigDaveJr,
Interested in how long/temp you ended up smoking your Belly Bacon. On my first go and not sure which way to go or how long with the smoke. Your bacon looks great! Mine comes out of a dry cure tomorrow so smoking in a couple days.
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I went about 12 hours with no heat. I only used my AMNPS and I used pecan pellets Getting ready to put the BBB on right now.
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The buck board bacon is done and man is it tasty also! I ended up going 21 days in the brine and overnight in the fridge, just worked out that way with the holiday. I smoked it for a total of 13 hours. I used pecan in my AMNPS lit both ends and got right at 9+ hours out of it, then filled 1 row and went the remaining 4. I put it in the brine it whole with only the bone removed then butterflied it after before smoking. 






The Payoff!


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Looks good, and just barely enough fat to cook itself! I see that and think of fresh tomato and lettuce. Mmmmmm........

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