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I've used victorinox knives daily as a chef and butcher for over 10 years and the only knives I've needed to replace are serrated bread and paring knives.

I actually prefer a serrated slicer compared to a scalloped edge but have worked with others who prefer straight or scalloped over serrated. The 12" carving knife they do is what I use and it's creeping towards needing replaced in the next few months after carving for 100+ portions of roast beef / Turkey etc. every Sunday for years!

They also offer a pointed tip version if you prefer it but I like carving with the rounded one as it's less likely to catch the board and cause a bleed from a slip off the handle. (not a problem in normal use but if you are doing a lot in one go and at speed your hands tend to get a bit greasy)

Basically, steer clear of any stainless handled global style knife, anything with a non-textured handle (smooth plastic ones get slippery) and you won't go too far wrong.

I'd recommend victorinox to anyone and I don't use anything else.