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Thanksgiving Smokes & Libation?

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Happy new week to all!


Thanksgiving is just 2 and 1/2 weeks away!! What's everybody eating that day? (I'll be smoking alligator and serving it over some pumpkin-ginger wheat-free pasta, with pumpkin seed oil, smoked Chardonnay sea salt, and chopped chives).


If you chime in now, and with YOUR planned main course that you'll be making on that day, and how it's prepared, I am happy to help suggest a wine, (while you have some lead time to pick it up), and both a "new world" and "old world" option, or both a red and a white, or whatever it is that you would like.


Meanwhile, CHEERS to today, and to this festive and fabulous season, that is just zooming along!!! Warm wishes, Leah


















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Can i get a invite?
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My in-laws insist on hosting Thanksgiving every year (with traditional fare that's as predictable as the phases of the moon beatdeadhorse.gif) ...and they always have Lambrusco which is probably not even a "real" wine. ...sigh...


Wish me luck.

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Funny Bmudd! Yes that alligator is so special that I want to invite the whole world!!! Delicious stuff! A different Thanksgiving dish perhaps, but fun!


And Humdinger, I'm not sure which part sounded worse, Lambrusco or inlaws (as I go to great lengths to avoid both) but just bring something along which YOU will enjoy drinking, and all shall be well!!!!!


Cheers to today!!! Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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A little advice from a real Cajun swamp person.  Not one of dose tv characters.  Make sure ya remove al traces of fat offn ya aleygater before smokin'.  Gater greese can be quite fowl ad I do not mean taste like chicken.  more worser than chicken fertilizer.  As far as a wine to drink before during and after ya gater why not pair a swamp critter with a swamp grape.Muscadine grapes grow wild or domesticated in gater country and several different bottles both in red or white can be had.  It tends to be mostly red sweet and strong and ya wouldn't think it would go with a gater, what with him being kinda seafoodey, but fear not its a hearty beast specially smoked.  Of course if ya take left over smoked gater and incorporate it in a rich tomatoe sace called a courtbouillon then ya talkin chubby Cajun heaven.

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Good ideas Cappy! Thank you!!!


And I'll be certain that there isn't fat on my lovely alligator. I smoked some weeks back and it was the most delicious thing ever!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah

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