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I bought a Nesco FG-400PR 400 watt food grinder a couple of years ago and I really like it. I think since that time they came out with a new variation on the model I bought and lowered it to 380 watts while coming out with a cheaper model at the old 400 watt rating. Not sure what's going on with their current models but I'm glad I purchased mine when I did and at a really good sales price with no tax or shipping fee.

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I started out with the K/A and quickly bought a 5lb LEM vertical stuffer. Then bought a Nesco professional grinder on sale for $69. I wouldn't trade the stuffer for anything. It is the only way to go. I figured the grinder wouldn't be great, but so far so good. No complaints for my sausage only usage.
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I have my Mother's Universal #2 sitting right behind me in the computer room.  Still in the green box.  Would never part with it!


But, an electric grinder and dedicated stuffer are two items I would not do without, even for small batches of sausage.


Good luck and good smoking.

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If you are buying your meat from a grocery store ask them if they will grind it for you. (Both of my stores will )  Then you would only need a stuffer.  

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Hi Everyone
I'm a total newbie from South Africa and am so keen to plunge into this hobby. 
I am, as a South African, especially keen to start making my own boerewors (plus breakfast sausages and even try making frankfurters) etc :D 
I was about to rush out and buy a Kenwood MG450 mincer/ stuffer when I luckily stumbled upon this site. 
After reading the forums here, it seems that's it's way better to buy a separate grinder and manual stuffer?
I intend making around 10kg of sausage at a time.

My questions are:
What size mincer (grinder) will do the trick, i.e how powerful should the motor be to get a proper mince going?
Whereas I assume the more powerful the motor the better, I don't want to fork out commercial prices, if a simple home grinder from an appliance store will do the trick. 
Would a 5 liter stuffer suffice, and are the vertical ones better? 
It seems that stainless steel is the best way to go?
What should I be aware of when buying a stuffer?

A real bonus would be if any South Africans on here could point me in the right direction as to the best places to shop for the equipment :wink: 

Thanks again for a really great site. 

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