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I think I got a good MES 40 (gen I)

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I'm on my third smoke in one week on my new MES 40 (20070311).  So far I'm extremely pleased and trust me I was sweating bullets when I ordered it.


I've used both the AMNPS and the Masterbuilt cold smoker attachment.  Both work well but the attachment really puts out smoke!


Right now I'm cold smoking 9 lbs. of andouille sausage and 3 lbs. of snack sticks.  The internal temp probe is reading about 15F higher than the Maverick so I just set the temp using the Maverick.  Believe it or not the meat probe is reading exactly the same as the Maverick's meat probe.  It took a few minutes for the MB meat probe to settle in.  I am surprised at this based on all the probs folks are having with it.


Time will tell whether this smoker is truly a good one but so far it's been worth the money.  Here's some pics of my first three smokes.


Here's the sausages loaded in the smoker:


The cold smoker attachment puts out a lot of smoke:


The first smoke ever was this salmon:


The AMNPS did a great job on the smoke:


This was the best jerky ever.  Way better than the dehydrator:

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Looks great ,,,,Glad to hear the good news ,,,,,,, been on my wish list for a while now.

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Here's the finished sausage.  I couldn't ask for anything better.  Pecan wood chips.


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Looks good and congrats on the MES
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