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smoke box for grills

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Anyone ever try one of these? I bought it several years ago when a neighbor gave me an old gas grill. It died before I tried.



Prolly a good thing, I've done some bad things to food with a gas grill.


I cut a piece of stainless shim stock to lay on top of the chips in case they burn up too quick. I was thinking of trying it in my brinkman electric.




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ive use it and it works. i still prefer aluminum foil pouch
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  I have one something like that I got at Wally World. Mine is 4" x 9" with eight 1/8" holes in it. Works pretty good but I still soak my chips before putting them in there. But since I built my UDS I don't use the gas grill much anymore. Also have a MES 30 which I love and should have gotten the MES 40 I found out very quickly.  

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I use a foil pouch with the fork treatment. Works great.
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I use the AMNPS from Todd on my Weber, works great.



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