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Not a Clue but it will be Fun No Mater the Ending

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Went out and bought two packs of full size Pork Ribs to try my hand at Smoking, a little over 7#'s.  I have been married for 31 years and only cooked one, yes 1 time.  So I have no right to be calling the shots yet on cooking anything.  Cindy (my wife) reminds me every now and then how I never cook her anything and the funny thing here is, she's not home today.  She went to visit the Grandchildren about 75 miles away.  So won't be cooking for her tonight either, but I'll save her some.:ROTF


Ok back to the Smoke, I have ZERO experience at this, so I just bought a bag of Lysander's Rub for Pork.  While I preheated the Smoker (30" MBS Glass front) to 225*, I put the rub on both sides of the ribs till it stopped soaking in,  Then in they went meat up one on each of the 4 shelves. (I cut the two in halves)  I smoked them for about 2 hours with Apple Chips, then took them out, placed them on tinfoil, drizzled 100% Apple juice on them, covered lightly, and put them back in.  


By the way this is going on now.:icon_lol:  I figure I'll leave them in there for about an hour, maybe a little longer.  Then I'll remove them from the foil, put them back in for another hour or so.  Also at that time I'm going to put in some Sweet potato's and a split Butternut Squash with some butter, Brown sugar, and some salt and pepper.  Sounds good, but I have no idea.:nono:


One thing I do know, We'll all know this outcome later tonight after myself, my oldest daughter, son and his girlfriend brave it out with me.


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Im sure it will be great if you stick to your plan
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If I lived a bit closer, then I could be the guneia pig. Good Luck!!!


The only thing that you have not realized yet, is that you may becoming a meat smoking addict. It is very addicting!!!


 I am proud to say that I am, RP

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Well I got brave and took a picture.  So far, we'll see about the Veggies.:icon_smile:

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What is the smoker temp?

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Originally Posted by rp RibKing View Post

What is the smoker temp?

I took the picture with an hour and 12 minutes left.  I had the temp set at 225*.  I'm guessing that's why you asked. I should have timed the picture when it toggled to the temp.  ha ha ha


The ribs were good and juicy.  With time I will perfect it to my taste buds.  So I hope.  ha ha ha


Ok I timed it wrong for the squash and Sweet potato's.  They should be ready now.

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Glad to hear they turned out good
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The ribs were really good, I put the Butternut squash and Sweet potato's in a little late.  I only gave them an hour and at 225* they needed more like 2 to 2.5 hours.  They were both good after they finished.  The Sweet potato's I submerged in water for about a half hour prior to putting them in the smoker.  They didn't dry out at all.  They were nice and moist.  The Butternut squash I split in half, put about a teaspoon of butter in the hollowed section, (seed cavity/seeds removed) I rubbed butter along the solid part of the squash, and then sprinkled some Brown Sugar, salt and pepper.  The butternut had a great buttery smokey flavor to it.  I would definitely do that again, just would put it in the Smoker sooner. ha ha ha


Only problem I had was in the excitement of my first time Smoking food, I forgot to take my Acid reflex pill.  Oh I had a bad morning and afternoon.  Doing fine now and can't wait to smoke some more foods.:beercheer:

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I bet it was worth the reflux
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Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

I bet it was worth the reflux

Ha ha, I can laugh now but I wasn't yesterday.  Funny thing though, on the way home from work today all I could think of was what should I by next to smoke.:yahoo:

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