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Well, it feels like forever since I've gotten anything done on the smoker. Last Tuesday I took Ribwizzards advice and moved the counterweight forward of the hinge point.
It works much better now. Thank you for the tip.
The first time I put a fire in the smoker I had 50-75 degree temp differences from one end to the other. I tacked a baffle plate under the RF plate to see if it would help.
I'm guessing it worked because temps were within 10-15 degrees now. Not perfect, but better then before.
I figured since I had the smoker going I should throw some eats on it. So I prepped a couple dozen ABT's and two racks of ribs and threw them on.

I over cooked it all, but it still tasted pretty good. Definitely a learning experience.

I did cook one thing perfectly though. I forgot I stuck this inside the firebox so I could see when I was welding in the baffle.
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That's a good one!

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A little sauce and it might be good



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should have foiled the light sooner... that sux great looking build.

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We'll. you can go buy a dozen lights with all the money you saved building your own pit.

Thing turned out looking really nice!
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Love the trailer. I'm currently building one on a tee nee
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It's been another two months and I finally have something to post! Holy CRAP! It seems like I can never get time to work on it, or when I do, it's just fixing little things.

Get ready to have your socks blown off, cause here comes the major update.

Yup, it's been two months and I've built a door catch. Haha.
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Your build looks awesome and I know the feeling on them taking forever I have been working on one for 6 months now and seems like it is taking forever
I do have a question though you made your fb and warmer box seperate why not use a solid piece all the way up and just put a divider in the middle
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Weev, It was a material management thing. With the way everything laid out on the plates I had, I would have needed another half a sheet if I made the back wall one solid piece.
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I was just wondering because I took a 4x8 sheet and cut it in 2x4 sections and welded a divider in for the fire box
so bottom part is fb and top part is vertical smoker if i need more room or for sides and if i shut the vent it can be a warmer at least thats the plan still not done yet
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It's done! Well, almost. Still have to hit the whole thing with a flap wheel, paint it, wire the lights, and give it the boot out of my garage. But all of the metal work is done and everything works the way it should.

This thing took ALOT longer then I thought it would, and it's going to be a long time before I build another one. Although, when I dismantled my old welding table, the 4x8 sheet of 1/4" plate I used for the top, did just happen to cut itself into the exact size pieces to build a firebox and RF plate for the 80gal tank sitting in the corner. Weird how that just HAPPENED to do that.
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18 months. JJJJUUUUSSSSSSTTTT missed my three month estimate! Got some paint on it Tuesday. Finally looks like a smoker now. I guess for only getting to work on it a few hours a week, a year and a half isn't too bad.

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Man that thing looks nice  WOW !!!



gary S

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I love the shape of the firebox/warmer doors.


Did you take off the door catch on the cook chamber?

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Looking Good !  Your right on schedule !! Low and slow!


Great looking build !



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Thanks for the kind words guys. Like most of the people here, I think I found a new obsession.

Damnthatsgood, we took off the door catch, intake baffles, and chimney baffles to paint it. They'll all be going back on. The paint was still wet when I took those pic.
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Yeah, you have the fever! Beautiful build and glad it works so well, nothing better than form and function when they come together. I love the suspension on that trailer, its not very often you see one with shocks for a smooth ride!

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Nice lookin build,i really like the counter weight handle assembaly,and firebox doors icon14.gif
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I figured out my favorite part of building a smoker. I call it the "stand around drinking a beer while someone else lays in the driveway spraying paint" part.
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