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Auberins Model: WSD-1204CPH help

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i have searched the site and see that there are over 1000 pages of info when i look for some PID settings help.

i have the Auberins Model: WSD-1204CPH and the instruction (destructions) seem a little hard to understand. dont wanna go to night school to figure it out and also dont wanna ruin the $200 unit.

i have a brinkman 1500 watt element hooked to it and would sure like some initial set up help from THE MASTERS on the site

maybe a link if there is something in plain english already posted



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not sure one that one most of them you just plug in and go do you have a pic of it, Someone should be by shortly to help you out there are a lot of folks on here that should be able to help ya

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heres a pic

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Do you have a pick of he back ?? Are you having troubles setting the temps or hooking it up to the smoker??

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Those units are pretty straight forward.  Did you download Auber Instruments quick  guide and owners manual (both are on the Auberins web page for that model).  Also what are you using for the smoke source?  A pellet tray/tube?

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thanks for the input.

i have built my own external smoke generator.. where i live there is no availability of any reasonably priced sawdust or pellets for the Amazing . i made one with the aquarium pump etc, smokes great.

the PID will only need to run my Brinkman 1500 watt heater. i see that i will need to self tune it to my smoker.

the PID came with a CD, clear as mud, probably too much information. i will give it a try and post on here what happens. the smoker is finished now and all i need to do is cure it and start smoking some good food !

here are some under construction pics




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got it nailed, was missing the "hold the set button" to get to where i needed to be 

then i see the jack on the meat probe has the end broken off. as i live in north western canada the techy suggested i just solder my own new jack on. no problem... did it. blasted the beast up to temp today again. got to 225 in an hour and it was 40 degrees outside. im happy so far. turned the unit off, then on again and NO MEAT PROBE READING ...  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i will try again tomorrow when i cure that big beast and put some smoke thru it. trials and tribulations of starting a massive project... but well worth it in the end.

 i have 4 pork loins on the brine for back bacon, start 2 bellies tomorrow for bacon, and also have another loin in an apple juice, garlic and other spiced brine.for sunday dinner.
AND YES ... loins were on sale this week ...  LOL

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