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Thank ALL you guys so much for your thoughts & prayers. It wasn't as bad as last year, and I'm home now. I updated my OP to tell you what all happened to me. I don't think you'll find it too boring.

Thanks Again,

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So glad you are home, and healing on your own terms. Cheers! You have been missed! - Leah

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so Quit fooling around and go smoke something   


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Glad to hear you're back home with your bride, Bear. Godspeed with your recovery. Rest up and leave the smokin' to us for now. You'll be back at it in no time. Thoughts & Prayers will continue to flow your way until you're 100%.



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Goes to show ya Bear, that sometimes (most times than not) people know more about what is wrong with them than the quacks we call doctors. Hang in there. Sounds like your getting better.

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

This all confirms my feelings about Drs & Hospitals!



We need them sometimes, but I don't trust em.


Just remember 50% of doctors are below average. :33:

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I was tied up over the weekend and just saw this, Bear, our prayers are with you, stay well and take it easy.

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I've been watching your post and hoping everything was OK with your health. Hopefully things level out and you get back to normal.

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Great news.

Welcome back.
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Welcome back Man, and while I have ya here, Hope you enjoy your Veteran's Day flag.gif

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Welcome back - Get well soon

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to you buddy. My apologies for sending you the pm. I did not see this post sooner.

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Bear glad you're back home! Take it easy and when you can get back to smoking some good grub!

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Its a Federal Holiday, AND for the military, you didn't really think he could pass a good excuse to smoke did ya?



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Glad to hear from you Bear!  I figured you were too ornery to stay down for long.  Hospitals are good places to avoid.



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That was quite an ordeal. Hope you are back to 100% soon. And thank you for your service , brother. smilie_flagge13.gif
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Glad to see you're getting better man, take it slow.
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Thanks again to all of you!!!


You guys are flat out Awesome!!!




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My prayers are with you for a fast recovery Bear. Also, thank you again for your service to our country! I'll be sure to send some smoke a few miles north for you while your recovering.
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So did the Dr.'s get a little confused when they realized that "galstone" was actually a ball of pulled pork?! :biggrin:


Man, sorry to hear you had a rough couple of days ther Bear, but glad to hear you are getting it all straightened out. Usually if I am bouncing off of the walls at 3:00 AM it just means I had too many beers while "tending" to the all night pork butts!

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