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Calamari Stuffed With Salmon!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Page 2

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Hi Karzapart55! I do think high temp is best! and A little grapeseed oil all over them first too. I think you're going to love them! And I for one, look forward to hearing all about it!!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Hey Leah

Had never heard of ciopino (took me 4 times to spell it right)  So I Googled it. Looks fantastic.  Gonna try it.  Thank you


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Fantastic Gary! Cioppino is my favorite dish to make for company and for everyone holding a bowl, and coming together! So beautiful!!!!!! Cheers and happy FRIDAY!!!!!!! - Leah

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Stuffed Calamari  getting happy in the MES. Leah, I used your Salmon recipe(with red onion). I could not find grape seed oil, so I went with  e.v.o.   I stir fried the extra stuffing, put on bagels with cream cheese, out of this world.  Thanks again for the recipe.  Manga!

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Fantastic!!! Show us photos if you can/wish as well! Regardless, I'm so delighted that things were helpful!!! Happy Holidays!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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I took a pic, not sure how to put it on the computer. (this flower child will never learn)  I left them in too long, they were very chewy, but delisious! Those capers did it for me.  Will try again.  Tomorrow I'll head to the docks and get some whiting!

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Hi there fellow crazy one- I too, have been standing out in this insane snow, trying to create a masterpiece. Not claiming much success...:(   I think some inside cook time is in order.. (Sorry, SMF!!!)  Your Cioppino (sp?) looks absolutely to die for,  Could I beg more details, please???     


I was musing as well over your new handle, kinda liked the old one-  LeahOceanNotes......   I picture about a 60' sloop, headed for CapeTown, leaving behind all worries, bringing along a little mini-


Keep on the happy stuff!



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Hey Karzapart55, your doings STILL sounded quite fun and delicious! It's all in that "caper-bility" right? I bet it was fabulous even!!!


And I love whiting!!! I've posted a bunch of threads with that simple creature too - delicious stuff!


Mark, thank you tons! I'll e-mail you the cioppino recipe if you like?


And yes, part Mermaid, part Lion. An odd mix, right? Smiles.


Happy Friday to all!!!!!!!! Make today so incredible that it should be bottled and drank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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You gotta realise I'm out here in the middle of the prairries.  What the heck is a whiting??????  I'm pretty sure we don't have them out here .  duh  and shur I try to find it


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Its a north atlantic cold water fish. All white meat, bone s like an eel.  Here in the nyc area its the #1 smoked fish

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Hi Gary!


I have a bunch of whiting posts somewhere in the fish section, and it tastes like a cod family type fish, (though I crisp it up and munch right through the whole thing), as I do with smelts, sardines, and so forth.


In any event, now I'm craving grilled calamari and so I must add that to my shopping list!!


Happy Saturday!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Well Happy New Week, to all you Great Smoking Cookies!!!!!!


My simple lunch today was in fact GRILLED calamari, and with a Greek pepper salad, and it was delicious, and so I thought I'd just tuck these quick pics right into here. (Too good not share, and yet it wasn't smoked and thus perhaps not worthy of its own thread on a smoking site).


Nonetheless, happy magnificent Monday!!!!


While the grill shrunk my little guys a bit, I might try baking them next time, and also smoking, as to see if some girth can remain around.


Delicious though! Just WON-DER-FUL! 


Cheers!!!! - Leah















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Standing Ovation Leah.  Grilled is my favorite. ...Much better than those flash fried rubber rings.  Your Mediterranean style is off the chart.  


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Originally Posted by BDSkelly View Post

Standing Ovation Leah.  Grilled is my favorite. ...Much better than those flash fried rubber rings.  Your Mediterranean style is off the chart.  


Rings gave a great product a bad name. Leah grilling them is really close to fisher mans style . Way back in the day (1970s)  there was a Croatian restaurant here that char grilled calamari & octopus with just a simple baste of EVO,garlic,cbp, white wine,lemon,parsley.Dried chilli on the side..Potato salad, coleslaw. Not a foam or fancy smancy garnish in site.

Now I am hungry!

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Leah.... I don't know what was better looking that awesome salmon stuffed calamari or the cute video hostess! :biggrin:


Great post and great video! Definitely a great post in my book!

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Thank you Brian! On most days I do eat like a Greek, and then sometimes verge off on random sweet potato jags or get hooked in some other groove for a week or two. But I'm delighted that my humble Mediterranean eatings did add some fun joy! Thank you tons!


And Mick, that Croatian restaurant sounds RIGHT up my alley!! I would have gobbled their goods right up!!


And talk about making my entire day, (kind JLRodriguez); I so greatly appreciate your gracious comments - from food to film and so forth!!! Many many thanks!!!!


Cheers to all and make this Tuesday both tasty and tremendously terrific! - Leah

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Hey Gary???? Where for art thou???


I posted WHITING for you just yesterday (in the fish thread section) and so now let it never be said that you have not heard of such. Smiles. Enjoy!


And happy Wednesday to all!!!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Hey Leah

Sorry--been sick.  But do appreciate the info.  Thank you


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Certainly Gary. And I hope you are felling much much better!!!!!!! Happy Thursday!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah

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