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My attempt at a cold smoke generator.

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Since joining this forum, I have been able to think of nothing else other than getting a decent cold smoker going. 

I have had flu the last couple of weeks, so that has put back my plans for the build a bit, but has given me time to think things through, something Iam not normally known for.


So I have took all my paperwork out of a two draw filing cabinet, and that is now down the shed awaiting transformation. The paperwork got put in a box and chucked in the attic, I have to keep the back bedroom a bit tidy, or I'll get my ear bent by the current Mrs Baz.


I already have a ProQ cold smoke generator, which is similar to the A-Maze-N one, but not so beefy. But I also thought it would be good to have a cold smoke generator to add to it if needed, well of course it's going to be needed. 


So with a bit of digging about I got together the plumbing fittings, and purchased the rest off Ebay.


I shamelessly copied Grill Dads version, mostly as it looks good and I had most of the bit's, other than the air pump, connector, and cocktail shaker. Altogether, it cost me around £20. ($£30-35.)


All in all it took me about a hour and a half to make, and Iam fairly happy with the result, but this won't be complete until I see it working and I have smoke coming out of it. I have only drilled a small hole in the base to start with, 4mm (5/32"), and will see how this goes before making it bigger, or putting more holes in it. What I don't want is to allow too much air in so it gives it enough air to burst into flame, and generate heat.


I would also suggest that when you have finished any soldering, that you wash it out, this will get rid of any flux left in the pipes. I might be being too cautious but I don't want the smell of that in the smoke.


So here it is so far, when I get it fired up I'll update the post.


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looks great. Cant wait to see it in action
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Hello Baz.  Lookin good.


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