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I know what you mean. You'll find yourself eating lunch and going "Dang this is good" and you'll start planning the next smoke. My wife has told friends I am addicted to internet porn. She is referring to what she calls "food porn" which is the Qview from this site. Soon you will get the next step in your addiction. Friends and family will start asking you to smoke for special occasions. When you look forward to that happening, you are truly a smoke head.




No kidding, I can see that happening already. Can't get over how great that was last night, and some is still in the fridge - but we are planning to have it for dinner, so I have to resist! Not a lot left, dang daughter and her husband ate so much last night... just enough for dinner tonight. May have to give in though and convince the wife would make a better lunch lol.


I am thinking for my next smoke, I will do a half butt ( around 5 lbs) and a rack or two of spare ribs together.