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Who's smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving?

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I need some tip's if anyones got some.

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Jeff's newsletter today was a step-by-step.

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  Turkey is as easy as chicken. Don't let it intimidate you.



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I may try this also gonna try some peanuts in the shell also

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  Go for it ! The worst that can happen is you have to eat your mistakes!




  Not saying this is a mistake.....

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Im smoking one for the fire dept. the key is a good brine...

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Look at it as a big chicken.....I like 185 in the thighs, breast hits about 175. Looks, smells & tastes delicious with a huge 'wow' factor at the table.....Willie

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I'm doing 4 turkeys this year 2 for thanksgiving and 1 for the shooting class and 1 because I can't have enought turkey in the freezer. I brine mine in salt ,sugar and water nothing fancy. I smoke at about 250º-175º until it reaches 170º.
The only thing I do out of the ordinary is I cut the wings ans leg quarters off. That way not hing dries out while waiting for the others. This works for me , I slice and pull the meat before taking it to others houses, so presentation is not important for us.
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I followed the Huffington Post The Ultimate Turkey recipe on a test run a few weeks ago and it turned out amazing. I'm going to halve the salt next time, that's the only change. Going to start a thread momentarily about temp problems I had I think related to gravy heating, but I maintained temps between 300 and 350 and a 14lb bird was done in 3 hours. I didn't chop in half or spatch-cock, it fit hole on my smoker (which doesn't even have a domed lid.




Brine it for 12 hours

Dry it for at least 12 hours

Smoke it at 300-350 until the middle of the breast is 160

Eat it.

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