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Ribs on short notice

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Went shopping this morning and I always cruise the meat department to see what's marked down on clearance. Found a whole rack of ribs for $3 a pound. Been wanting some ribs and the temps outside were about 70 degrees today so came home and fired up the Brinkman. Did the "snake" thing I learned on this forum; really saves on charcoal. Layed out the snake with Kingsford (picked up three 16.5 lb bags on clearance at Kmart for .99 each a couple weeks ago!), added some hickory chunks and lit the fuse. Came in to work on the meat while the charcoal did it's thing. I can look out the kitchen window and see the charcoal tray so I know when the coals are ready.


Didn't have time to prep the meat overnight; wanted it TODAY! Slathered on some Sweet Baby Ray's, filled the water pan with boiling water and off I went. Pretty day so I sat on the deck and monitored the smoker while I watched the birds at the feeder and the leaves falling off the oak trees.


Five hours later I brought them in, wrapped them in foil and stuck them in the oven at 225 for another two hours. Took them out, put them on a rack and back in the oven to "dry off" for 45 minutes. Man, they are GOOD! Falling off the bone. Just what I was looking for. Here's a couple fo pics if I can load them.


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Looks good..... be careful though there is some guy sitting on your porch camping your smoker. Probably a neighbor that smelled that goodness waifing thru the air...... tell him if he's going to hang around he's resonsible for the liquid refreshments!


Grats man, looks mighty tastee!

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Excellent sounding! I dont doanything to my ribs until right before I throw them on the smoker, which is remove the membrane. .. slather a rub.. and straight to smoker grate for my 6 hours. ..

Glad they turned out good!
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What's this snake thing you refer to? Can learn something new here in almost every thread! Amazing.

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I'm sure it is a take on the "Minion Method".


A quick search on that brings up a ton of posts:


Probably most prevalent with upright users, but others use it as well.




Good luck and good smoking.

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It's where you make a "c" shape of charcoal around the cooker and light one end of the fuse.


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