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im going to smoke a porkloin this weekend and ive been reading up on dry smoking so if i understand right i just put tin foil in my waterpan and fill it with sand. i was also going to try macaroni and cheese is this a bad idea in a drysmoking chamber.any advice is appreciated

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Fill the pan with sand, then cover with foil to keep the juices out of the sand. Mac and cheese on the top rack, meat below, or side by side. 


Do a search up above for either and you will find a wealth of info to use.


Have fun!



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Is there a reason your wanting to dry smoke? Generally putting sand in the bowl is to get higher temperatures for smokers that struggle with that or on colder days because it absorbes and hold heat. Usually for smoking Poultry

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I thought that. Dry smoking sealed the juices in better
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I found an article yesterday and now I can't find it thanks for the advice.
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I've been using a dry smoke chamber for a really longtime. I never noticed anymore or any less smoke flavor when I switched. The main reason that I started using the dry chamber with the sand filled water pan is because I smoke year round in some pretty cold and crappy weather. When I used water in the pan I would have huge temp spikes and slow recovery times. Now the smoker just chugs right along. With my gas smoker I can get down to a low temp of 130*, and a high temp of well above 500*. In my UDS I can run 2225* all day or crank it up to well above 500*.

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