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Building electric smoker....

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I've been googling and researching and can't seem to find anyone that has answered a question about safety with a homebuilt smoker box made of wood.


I've seen some nice, simple designs online of wood box smokers, using electric hot plates to get the smoke/heat going.  Nice and easy and a bit more hands off for a newbie to smoking.


What I'm unsure of is how safe it is to do smoking, inside of a wood box.  I have seen the cardboard smoker online and watched it a couple times to actually convince myself i wasn't dreaming. 


I like both designs of the clay flowerpots and the wood boxes, but I picked a bad time of year ot try to find the flower pots around me, so wanted to throw something together with some wood I have laying around.  I'm just worried about the safety factor of smoking, inside of wood.  I have read that the flash point of wood is around 600 degrees, unless it is dry, which happens over the course of time especially when it's housing heat. 


Any advice on this subject?  I really want to do this but would like to avoid a problem.


Thanks a lot, love the forums as a lurker for a long time.



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there are a few members on here that have made some killer home made electric smokers...give them a bit and someone with experience, will be able to help out better
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Bump.  Anyone out there?

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