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Gas BBQ for Smoking

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Hi there


Although I've had a pretty good success rate with Smoking with charcoal and Wood over this summer I got very fustrated with the amount of time and coals I had to use ( charcoal is very pricey in the UK !) and were wondering what the succes rate is with a Gas BBQ which I've been thinking about getting for sometime now.


The one I'm thinking of getting is this,default,pd.html


what's folks opinion of gas bbq smoking - appreciate it's not quite the same and the techniques are a little different

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I've used the gas side of my Char-Griller Duo for smoking/slow cooking with great success. I put some wood chips in aluminum foil (with holes for the smoke) and just use one burner to keep the temperature right. Just like the indirect method on a Weber grill, put the meat on one side and use the burner as far away as you can. If you have a top rack, that seems to work too. Good luck!

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Thanks for the info - just looked up your piece of kit and looks fantastic but it retails for of £ 500 ( $ 800) which is outragous considering you can get them for around $ 350


Perhaps I can get one imported but shipping is going to be the issue but can't see how they can justify double the price buying it here .....



It would be the ideal thing to get so will keep looking


Thanks and greeting from the UK



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I have heard the the prices are very high for BBQ's and grills in the UK. So I am only throwing this out there as an idea. Not sure if it would work, but worth a try. What about making a gas UDS? From what I have seen most are made from general things you find in a hardware store.

The grill will work, it will just be a bit tricky. You will need a smoke box for the chips or pellets. I have seen some grills where they have one designed for it already. Or you could just put an AMNPS in there and run with it.

Another option would be to look at an electric smoker like the MES 40 or similar.

Just some ideas.

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Hi there


thanks for that - I'm not a DIY sort of person really and I could get a Gas BBQ from our eqivalant of Walmart like this,default,pd.html for under £ 200 ( $ 320)which looks pretty good - just wondered how others had got on using a gas one for smoking....

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