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First Ever Smoke

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Because of rain, had to wait 3 days after that wonderful delivery guy brought my smoker, a Bradley digital electric 4 rack. Sure was worth the wait. Smoked 3 chix leg quarters and 2 breasts. Rubbed with Jeff's and smoked at 230* to IT of 165*. Even my wife, who usually knows in advance that she dislikes anything she hasn't tried before, loved them. Juiciest chix breasts I've ever had and Jeff's rub added wonderful flavor. Outside temp dropped 10* during the smoke but the Bradley held the oven temp perfectly. My Very First Smoke
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I can see that gleam in your eye..... yes, yes, you are addicted! But it is a wonderful habit. And its smells so good!


And how lucky you are that the Boss enjoyed it, would have been a shame to have to get rid of her after all the work you've put in..... LOL


Yes I am full of it. But if you cooked chicken that looks like that for me, I'd be on your side too!


Hey smoking is a great recreation with greater benefits.


Have fun, no stress is allowed, and remember to always enjoy the smoke.


Welcome to my addiction.

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Your from Southern LA, on the Mississippi and I'm from Illinois, on the Mississippi. The part of Illinois that looks pregnant. Maybe I could seal some of that chix in a sturdy cooler and float it on down to you.
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Just let me know, I'll catch her!

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Great looking bird! Way better than my first one.


I have been using a Bradley for about a year and really like it.


As for an addiction, watch for thinking about you next smoke while you are doing a smoke. When that happens, you are doomed.



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I start reading about smoking in late evening and then can't sleep.
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When ya can't sleep cause ya have nothing to smoke, just go and light a fire. Once the smoke starts rolling you'll find you can sleep again. Don't worry, you can always buy another kitchen table tomorrow after you've slept.

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Originally Posted by Chuckles View Post

I start reading about smoking in late evening and then can't sleep.

Yep, doomed to smoke. Welcome to the club.



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