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Preperations for my first Comp "Smoke Notes"

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With no smoker at the moment ive been able to work on my record keeping. What i mean by that is, is take all my recipes(rub,sauce,glaze..etc) and put them all in one notebook so i can find them easier, instead of looking for scrap paper and posted notes that are everywhere.  Basically making a reference guide.



Ive also been working on something that i call "smoke notes". Its a form that basically lets me record data for all my smokes that allows me to prepare for my future smokes much easier. I re did my form and wanted y'all to look it over and see if i need to add anything.   Thanks!




                      Smoke Notes              Date:_______

Start Time:__________

Food to be smoked:____________

Wood Used:____________  Frequency of fuel added:_________       Rub:__________________

Target Temp:_________                                                                       Sauce:_________________

Weather Conditions:_______________________________                Glaze:_________________

       Ambient air temp:_______                                 Finishing Sauce:______________________      



Time Smoked/format used:_______________

End Time:________

Rest Period:________

Total Time:___________


Conditions when served:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




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Looks good to me, here are a few more you might become inspired by:

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Those are great to. Thanks!
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